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An Autumn Road

Mark Morgan's Poetry Blog

Mark is an aspiring writer working toward a secondary education degree with an English major and a biology minor.

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You know all those little things that make up your day, and that those little things seem to fill your heart but not your head, thats why when your reminded of them it brings back a weird overwhelming familiarity? Thats what it felt like strolling through your poetry.


When I first created An Autumn Road, I wasn’t certain what I was getting myself into.  The power of language can move mountains, hearts, civilizations—could I move others and change the worlds as my favorite poets have done?  Your kind words inspire me to keep reaching toward my goal.  Thank you for walking on this road with me.

"We grew old, but never apart."

-Written in spaces between interlocked fingers.


Babe, I fell for you


rock bottom
heart shattered
brains splattered
thoughts scattered

'cause I realized
I never really mattered

and that’s too bad

for you

-Mark Morgan

Vox Persona

the State is great
as long as it waits at my front gate
not in my bedroom or my girl’s womb or my insurance rates
'cause life is rife with enough strife—
quit worryin’ whether some dude takes a groom or a wife,
quit linin’ your pockets with cocaine and profits
and follow my advice to the letter:
do your damn job
help make this world better

-Mark Morgan

hello, beautiful. great words, and i wish you luck in your endeavors. i, too, am studying education. but i'm in early childhood.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your style is absolutely sublime.  Best of luck in your writing and your career!

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